Seven of Nine

I was standing on the bridge of the new ship that the library had built for us as per Dallas’ specs. It was a stupid design. A saucer mounted on a long neck to a large body. Two long shafts protruded diagonally out from the back sporting these things he called “nacelles”. They didn’t really […]

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Enterprising Idiots

The Factory “I flew my ship over to the Cascadia and surrendered” I said  “I spent two years in “De-briefing” and then they conscripted me into the Peacekeepers.” “Wow!” Dallas said ” a bonafied war hero!” ” Nothing heroic about war. Just a bunch of people getting killed because someone up the food chain is […]

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There goes the God King

The Ship was “The Confederacy”. We were “The Red Hand”. Personal top secret armed force of soldiers and assassins answerable only to the “Father” who in turn answered to the “God KIng” himself. What had been known on old Earth as  “President” became “God King” in space due to the total obliteration of any kind […]

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Caught Red Handed

  The Librarian smiled. The floor around us shifted and reconfigured into seating. I plopped down in what looked like a chair. It immediately adjusted to my posture and weight. ” I wonder if it does massages?” I said.  It did, gently vibrating and suddenly it felt like gentle hands messaging my shoulders. Dallas dropped […]

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Hallways, Nannites, and POOP

“DUDE! ARE YOU NUTS?!” Dallas said and then toned it down. “You made her wear clothes?” “I’m sorry, but I find it somewhat distracting to have an adult conversation with a twelve foot naked woman sitting across from me cross-legged on the floor!” “You guys are pigs!” Juliette mentioned as she flew back and forth, […]

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I’m a Frayed Knot

The librarian sat cross legged in front of me hands resting on her knees, smiling. I was trying hard to find something else to look at, but she was the only thing in the room other than my beer glass which was suddenly full again.  I took a nervous swig. “Do I make you uncomfortable?” […]

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The Librarian

By “pilot the ship in” he meant just hang out and let the library do all the work. The inside of his ship had no controls, only four recliners facing a blank wall. Dallas waved at the wall and it became transparent. We were gliding in to one of the vast chasms that crisscrossed the […]

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The Library

  So we finally finished the most boring tour in the history of the universe, and ended up on the Bridge. The only respite during the Captains monologue was when we were in Engineering, and got to see where the mainframe was. ” Hey” I said to Alice “Thats you!” ” Tell me truthfully,” Alice […]

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Saint Dallas

  I was just finishing up cleaning the Head when Ted The Head came floating in. Coinkidink? The door opened and this…thing floated on in. It perused the bathroom, floating in to all the stalls one by one, stopped to admire itself in the mirror, then exited. As soon as it had left, the door […]

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Found out Why

Got off shift and wandered over to the pub. Ran in to Mercy and Bunny from engineering. I grabbed a pint from the bar and wandered over. “My two favorite folks that are smarter than me!” i said ” Mind if I join you?” Mercy slid a chair out with her foot. “Whats the word […]

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We’ve been on the other side for  awhile now.  Not much happening. Don’t know why we aren’t moving.  I’ve spent a lot of time  cleaning pub kitchens and bathrooms. Scuttlebutt is that Captain  Suzuki is going to turn us around. …Sucks

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The Gate

  If I could just give you a little advice about the gate…….   Seriously. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever had happen to me. We had spent the last 24 hours”battening down the hatches” as they say. Making sure that everything that could cause even the slightest hint of even the tiniest chance […]

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“Humans are Pigs!” Alice said “Technically, we’re primates.” I replied as I polished the glass door leading in to the best brew pub on the ship. “You know what I mean, Murray” ” Yes I do Alice. I have to clean up behind them.” I looked up and decided to do the  ceiling ports. The […]

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The Journey Begins

The Star Ship Spengler.     An S Class Research Platform capable of light hopping Through the recently found Orrin Gate pictured below…     We had just invented what we thought was a quantum communications array that could be used for quantum entanglement communications. The ability to communicate vast amount of information instantaneously through […]

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