The Journey Begins

The Star Ship Spengler.     An S Class Research Platform capable of light hopping Through the recently found Orrin Gate pictured below…     We had just invented what we thought was a quantum communications array that could be used for quantum entanglement communications. The ability to communicate vast amount of information instantaneously through […]

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“Humans are Pigs!” Alice said “Technically, we’re primates.” I replied as I polished the glass door leading in to the best brew pub on the ship. “You know what I mean, Murray” ” Yes I do Alice. I have to clean up behind them.” I looked up and decided to do theĀ  ceiling ports. The […]

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The Gate

  If I could just give you a little advice about the gate…….   Seriously. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever had happen to me. We had spent the last 24 hours”battening down the hatches” as they say. Making sure that everything that could cause even the slightest hint of even the tiniest chance […]

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